Our Staff

Dhirendra Lamsal

National Programme Director

GPO Box: 25946, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-55-41138
FAX: +977-1-55-50985

Email: icri@icrinepal.org

Mr. Dhirendra Lamsal started International Child Resource Institute in Nepal in the year 2004. He provides leadership to several programs which aim at serving children at risk and their families in Nepal. He has been providing technical assistance to the Network of Children, Prisoners and Dependants (NCPD) from March 2003 and continues to play a central role in its development. Mr. Lamsal is one of the prominent NGO management experts with multifaceted knowledge of early childhood care and development.

He possesses a broad knowledge and understanding of the conditions of orphaned, displaced and vulnerable children including the national child and family serving policies and systems of Nepal. Mr. Lamsal was involved in the formulation process of “National Plan of Action for Children (2004/05–2014/15) in Nepal.” He has been an Advocate of ECD around the world with the award of “Global Leader for Young Children-2007”. He has also been involved in several projects for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment Programs targeted to IDUs, FSWs and their children. He has presented numerous working papers and delivered seminars on early childhood education and care, and HIV/AIDS in many countries around the world.

Mobile: +9779851063594

Email: dhirendra@icrinepal.org

Mukunda Kshetri

Program Consultant

Mr. Kshetree is a familiar figure of ECD sector in Nepal. He started his career as a teacher in 1996 before becoming a trainer, lecturer, consultant, researcher and then a program manager. He has been involved in different divisions of Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal for the preparation of teachers’ competency based curriculum and training packages/manuals, self learning materials, preparation of student-support materials (books, cassettes, radio programs, publication of study-materials in national daily newspapers and teaching through Nepal Television). He has successfully conducted educational researches, presented them in various national and international forums with recommendations. He is also a co-writer of more than two dozen of educational books and articles.

Mobile: +9779841404142

Email: mukunda@icrinepal.org

Aalok Sharma

Assistant Programme Coordinator/A&F Officer

Mr. Sharma joined ICRI Nepal in December 2004 as an Administrative and Financial Officer. He has been actively involved in several projects conducted by ICRI Nepal. Mr. Sharma on behalf of International Child Resource Institute Nepal has presented papers on Child Rights Situation of Nepal in Intergenerational Global Leadership Program held at University of Connecticut, Storrs in 2009, and on HIV & AIDS scenario in prisons of Nepal in Italy for the Regional Intergenerational Global Leadership Program organized by UNESCO in 2011.

Mobile: +9779841892323

Email: aalok@icrinepal.org

Ms. Nirmala Wagley has been working in ICRI-Nepal as an Office Assistant since 2005. She is a single woman with one daughter. Her husband unfortunately died in a road accident while she was pregnant. ICRI-Nepal rescued her including her daughter and provided the job in ICRI-Nepal for her survival and education of her daughter. ICRI-Nepal arranged for partial sponsorship of her daughter for education with the help of CP-Nepal. Her key duties in ICRI-Nepal include: receiving and responding phone calls, petty cash handling, bank related works (collection of bank statements, credit advice, cheque books, cash deposits/withdrawal, banking communication), official letters postage and parcel, office maintenance and public relation with visitors at the office. She maintains log sheet of equipments, stationeries and office materials on day-today basis. She further provides excellent hospitality services for the visitors of ICRI-Nepal.

Mobile: +977-9741-115154

Email: nirmala@icrinepal.org

Nirmala Wagley

Office Assistant

Executive Committee and Advisory Board Members