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Network for Children Prisoners and Dependants [NCPD]

ICRI facilitated the formation of Network for Children Prisoners and Dependents (NCPD) in 2001 and it was registered later as an NGO in CDO/Kathmandu on August 2002. NCPD’s formation marked the coming together of a group of organizations that are involved in the same field of work and which share the same visions for the future. All the member organizations work to support prisoners in Nepal and specifically the children of prisoners who are dependent on a parent who are in jail.

The shared vision of NCPD member organization is a society that gives prisoners and their children (and indeed all children who have been disadvantaged in circumstances beyond their control) the chance to build worthwhile and dignified lives. The organizations work together by sharing of information, ideas, experiences, resources and expertise.

NCPD’s mission is to reduce the unnecessary suffering and hardship of children of prisoners and prisoner dependants and to help to make prison into a place that can give inmates the chance to reform and re-enter into society. The immediate goal of NCPD is to improve the quality of life of children of prisoners and their dependants. NCPD member organizations are developing their full potential through a process of networking, information sharing, advocacy, project and program development and monitoring.

NCPD is run by a small secretariat and is managed with the support of ICRI-Nepal. The Secretariat maintains constant contact with all member of the network and with the network supporters, surveying the work that is being done and providing advice where needed. The Secretariat is a focal point through which information passes. The secretariat advises overall strategies for the organization which are agreed at regular coordination meeting. Furthermore, it initiates and implements shared programs for children, prisoners and dependants. This involves proposal preparation, planning, implementation, monitoring and resource sharing.

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Key Program Accomplishments

Since January 2004, NCPD- the Network for Children, Prisoners and Dependants has been delivering several activities to make sure that the targeted beneficiaries would be well served and represented in the development of the network. Continued dedicated efforts of the member organizations have helped consolidate network infrastructure through the exchange of information, ideas and expertise. These dedications of member organizations accelerated NCPD’s establishment process to present status. ICRI-Nepal’s role in its development is a facilitator and provider of technical assistance.

One of the major achievements of NCPD since its establishment is the conduction of periodic  orientation- training/mentoring program for the staffs who are directly working with the children of NCPD members organizations. These trainings are conducted to update progress and share knowledge with the staff/caretakers of children’s home on issues related to child development (including health and education) and child care. It is also a forum to share and enhance staff’s skills and experiences for the delivery of quality care services to the children living within the children’s shelter homes. These trainings/mentorings have been conducted in different member organizations within the last two years. Until now, NCPD has carried out a total of 39 training sessions. Right from the very first training/mentoring session it has covered many different topics relating to child care, development and education. The process began with an opportunity to develop a positive understanding, building rapport and environment of trust & cooperation between the participants.

Apart from Training/Mentoring Sessions, NCPD has conducted several seminars, conferences, and workshops not only to those who are directly working with the children but also to those who are in the higher level to formulate the strategies as well as policies and plans. The executive committee meetings and co-ordinations in NCPD are generally held to maintain a regular flow of communication between the member organizations, its staff, volunteers and target groups. It has been found effective in terms of sharing useful and practical information, building common understanding on pertinent issues, generating awareness, and building an environment of trust and cooperation for teamwork. In this regard, NCPD has been regularly organizing network meetings every first Sunday of two months interval where the members discuss on the relevant issues to reach to the best conclusion. The decisions made in the meeting are implemented through the network secretariat, which also supervises the day- to day network activities.

From time to time NCPD has also been organizing various contests and games for the children of the network groups to extract the hidden talent of the children, to develop the skill of making them speak in front of mass without fear and to make them participate in extra curricular activities outside their regular studies.

Key Achievements and Progress

-Development/enhancement of trust and cooperation amongst the NCPD member organization. It has helped develop sharing of information and ideas on a frequent level;

-Recognition as an established and functional network by the relevant stakeholders. The agencies like USAID, DFID, UNDP, UNICEF, EU, EC etc;

-Increased number of NCPD member organization ;

-Development of service delivery and referral capacity through the establishment of loose network with outside organizations working in the same field;

-Publication of IEC/resource materials such as NCPD newsletter and database of organizations operating children’s homes in Nepal;

-Development of need based training courses, curriculum and materials;

-Delivery of monthly training/mentoring for the staff members of NCPD, this has developed human resources required for the specified field of child care;

-Interaction on pertinent issues amongst member organizations;

-Development of joint resources on psycho-social counseling for the benefits of traumatized children of NCPD member organization’s children homes;

-Conduction of various programs for children’s overall development;

-Development of cooperative relationship with various Governmental and Non- Governmental organizations including Department of Priosn Management (DOPM), Central Child Welfare Beard (CCWB), Social Welfare Council (SWC), Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare (MoWCS);

-Refurbishment of seven child projection homes’ (about 315 dependent children of prisoners benefited) physical infrastructure as well as delivered materials, sanitary equipments and medical supplies with the support of Rotary Oakland, USA.

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