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Infant Care Facility Improvement [ICFI] Project

ICFIP is an initiative implemented by under the guidance of and supported by International Child Resource Institute-Nepal This project aims at upgrading the health, hygiene and sanitation of the facility, revamping the internal physical infrastructure by upgrading lighting system, furnishing baby-room outlook, installing a sanitizer, a safe drinking water system (water foot pump), cribs for babies, creating an area where children of formative ages get adequate space for physical, mental stimulation, and overhauling the conventional practices of taking care of children by introducing state-of-the-art training delivery.

One of the most remarkable developments in this project has been the initiation of a weekly training program offered to a group of “mothers” who have been taking care of the children for twenty years.About 16 of the “mothers” have been assigned to take care of approximately 65-70 children in dormitory-style spaces for the past few years, however they were not “formally” meeting each other to share their ideas and experiences, discuss issues and problems or involved in the planning and management of chores. Now the mothers are meeting on a weekly basis and are engaged in discussing the objectives of working in the orphanage. They are realizing their vital roles in the holistic development of a child. ICRI-Nepal has accepted the role of facilitating the program and is happy to continue this effort until the management of Nepal Children’s Organization /Balmandir becomes capable to take it over in future.

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