Who we are

Shree Antarrastriya Bal Sanshadhan Sangh-Nepal (In English: International Child Resource Institute-Nepal and in abbreviation: ICRI-Nepal) began working in Nepal in December 2001 upon a joint request of Governmentís Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) and National NGOs working on behalf of dependent children of prisoners to act as a facilitator of a network group to coordinate the membersí efforts and to develop an infrastructure that would allow them to work closely together and share their vision for future. With ICRI- Nepalís assistance, support and facilitation as well as the tireless efforts of a few enthusiastic youths working in the group homes, the Network on Children, Prisoners and Dependants (NCPD) was formed in August 2002.

With this achievement, there was a need for regular guidance and close technical assistance delivery for the network to continue to develop it to the next level. The agencies associated with the network and the governmentís Central Child Welfare Board persuaded ICRI to establish its office in Nepal. ICRI then attained legal status as an International Non Governmental organization and implemented child serving programs from 2004 Ė 2006.

ICRI-Nepal is an independent local NGO/CBO registered as per the NGO/CBO Registration Act Nepal-2038 (BS) in the District Administration Office (DAO) on April 10, 2007 and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council-Nepal (SWC) Nepal. ICRI-Nepal has its own Executive Committee Members comprised of eight renowned Nepalese, there are also five expert Nepalese on our Advisory Board. We make all decisions locally. ICRI-Nepal has been promoting the program service delivery activities targeted to children of Nepal through financial and technical means. As a community based organizations ICRI-Nepal has been assisting 11 organizations grouped under NCPD for institutional development and capacity building program, planning, implementation and collective evaluations. Similarly, ICRI-Nepal works with 19 NCLR Project Schools to transform the dull, un-stimulating, teacher-centric teaching learning environment into meaningful, creative and joyful learning environment for the young children between the ages of 3- 8 years. Tutoring program for impoverished girls of grade 8-10 aged 14-18 years is another vital program implemented in 3 public schools. Likewise, ICRI-Nepal provides state-of-the-art training to the school teachers, care mothers of childrenís homes and design child friendly infrastructures and facilities. The organization is operated by a dynamic group of professionals from assorted backgrounds with untiring commitment, dedication and diligence.

GPO Box: 25946, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-50-10986
FAX: +977-1-55-50985

Email: icri@icrinepal.org